Timber Floor Sanding

Is your floor looking a bit under the weather? In need of a little love? Call Peter Bartfai who will help you with all your timber floor sanding needs. All our sanding machines are of high quality ensuring your floor to be of the highest  standard. No job is too big for Peter or his team, with quality guarantee and a smooth and sleek finish, you will be enjoying and entertaining on your newly loved timber floor in no time.

Floor Preparation and laying

Also specialising in floor preparation and laying our team are able to provide quotes and professional advice on our variety of floor preparation methods and laying services. This includes removal of old and worn out carpet, wood, nails and deteriorated surfaces. We are able to provide helpful advise on different types of wood ranging in quality, appearance, and even potential patterns in the layout.

Concrete Grinding & Sealing

We also provide concrete grinding and sealing. If your floor is concrete and in need of care we are able to help with the removal of surface irregularities and cracks within your floor. After our specialised grinding your floor will look smoother and if you are after an even more sleek finish opt for our sealing technique which improves skid resistance and overall look. Polished concrete is often more affordable, easy to clean and has a longer life expectancy of wear and tear. Find out more about concrete services

Stain & Blonding

On both Timber and Concrete flooring there is a variety of Staining and Blonding options. This will ensure your floor to have a colourful, shiny, natural, lighter or darker feel to it to complement the surroundings and overall atmosphere of your home.

Environmental friendly product

Most of our products are environmentally friendly, and for the products that aren’t we ensure the correct usage and disposal of these. Please feel free to ask Peter aout our products and we will endeavor to answer them. Our team at Wizzard care about our environment and are trained in the responsible use of our products.

Non-yellowing Polyurethane

We offer a non-yellowing Polyurethane technique which is a varnish that ensures a clear, durable and abrasion-resistant finish. Compared to simple oil or shellac varnishes, polyurethane varnish forms a harder, decidedly tougher and more waterproof film.

Domestic and commercial job

Our team is able to provide a wide range of both domestic and commercial services. So if you have a pleasant experience with our overall workmanship please feel free to recommend our services to other potential clients whether it be for friends, family, or workplaces in the commercial area. We are here to help!

International experience

Internatrional experience

To top it off we have had plenty of  international experience under our belt to ensure we have in depth knowledge on all your floor, sanding and polishing requirements to provide a service that focuses on you and delivered by fully qualified tradespeople who love and strive to see a happy smile and a happy floor at the end of their work.

Peter at Wizzard Floor Sanding was employed by Royal Oak Intermediate, to re-do our school floor, apply the varnish and organise the new markings. Peter did an amazing job and we’re extremely happy with the way the floors have turned out. Peter was efficient, accomodating and a pleasure to deal with. We would highly recommend Peter to anyone needing their floors done.