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October 30

Top 5 tips for looking after your wooden polished floor or varnished floor

After the floor is prepared then sanded we will clean it and put our famous eco friendly varnish onto give you protection for years to come. However we do get asked alot of questions around how to care for the floors once they are finished so here we go with our top 5 tips. But before we do that here a couple of questions we get asked.

How to get rid of dust after sanding floor?

Ok well you wont need to worry as we do that for you. Any fine dust particles are collected in our extraction unit and remaining dust can be vacuumed up. it is best to keep moisture away as that can make the job harder. A good wipe down when we have left is always advisable if it is a food preparation area.

Top 5 tips for protecting your hardwood floors

1. Protect the floor from chair legs and table legs.
If you intend using chairs, tables etc on your new sanded and varnished floor then put felt underneath the legs of the chairs or tables. These felt protectors are available.


2. Do not use a steam mop on varnished floors

The hot steam is damaging for varnish and eventually it will break down. There are specified flooring coating materials for heat resistance however these are very expensive and unnecessary.


3. What to use to clean the floor?
To clean your wood polished floor without damaging it use only warm water, approved hardwood floor cleaning detergents and a gentle soft sponge. make sure you rinse the floor afterwards with fresh clean warm water and let it dry. Do not flood the floor and use a mop that is wrung out correctly. Less moisture is best


4.  Can I use a dry mop head with micro fibre to clean my wooden varnished floor?

Yes absolutely. this is perfect for your floor and the only advice is to vacuum any sharp items like gravel or shell, glass etc off the floor first. If a sharp item gets stuck under the mop head as shown above it could scratch the floor and manage the coating. Often these small items get bought in by the family pets such as cats and dogs so they are quite small. Alternatively when you are running the microfibre cloth head over the floor ensure you don’t push too hard and then the gravel etc will move into a corner where it can be retrieved.


5. High heeled shoes on the floor. Will they damage it?

Quite often high hell shoes are ok on the floors as the base of the heels are wide enough not too do any damage however stiletto heels can be very punishing to a hardwood floor as the points of the heel are very small and will dig in and cause a small pot hole. It is advisable to ask people to remove their shoes if you have softwood such as Kauri and other soft timbers that can get damaged

Well that concludes our how to look after your floor article and if you have any questions please hit up Peter on his facebook page here or contact Peter here

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