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October 29

Who does School hall floor sanding in Auckland?

Specialists in sanding, varnishing, and polishing commercial wooden Floors. We take pride in our work Ph 0800 387 676

School Hall Floors, Church Hall Floors, Gymnasiums, Community Halls, Town Halls and other hardwood wooden floors such as sports venues.

Every year many schools in Auckland with halls get their floors sanded and then a re-coat of varnish to get them ready for the next year of use. These are often assembly hall floors, gymnasium school floors, meeting room floors, classrooms and other common use areas of the school.
Wizzard Floor sanders get called out to also maintain these floor surfaces every 5 years or so which involves a quick sand or clean and a re-coat using quality eco friendly varnishes with low VOC gases to ensure safety for the students that use the areas.

An example of a gymnasium school floor ready for sanding and re varnishing

Floor sanding Auckland on school halls

How much does floor sanding cost?

The price of sanding a school hall or a assembly hall wooden floor varies based on a few aspects of the job.  For example there may be lino or carpet that needs removing (often found in some of school classrooms) and then the glue will need to be removed. It also depends on the square floor meter size that will need to be measured and quoted.

The type of wood used in the flooring makes no difference to the price of the job excluding if there are nails sticking out of it of course which will need removing before we can sand it.

Also there can be very thick varnish on the floor built up over the years that needs removing. This of course uses more sanding floor pads which will add to the cost. It is better to contact Peter Bartfai from Wizzard Floor Sanders and get peter to come and view the job and give you an estimate. Peter is one of the most experienced hardwood floor sanders in Auckland.

How long does floor sanding take and do you do floor polishing?

The time it takes for us to prepare the floor and sand it will vary from job to job based on the size of the floor area and the condition of the wooden hardwood flooring.  We do floor polishing or as we call it wood polishing which is different to someone who would specilsiee in just linoleum polishing. our expertise is in wooden hardwood floor sanding and coating.

What other wooden floors do you do in large areas?

At Wizzard floor sanders we also do a lot of annual floor maintenance and sanding on Town hall floors, Church hall Flooring, Community halls, and theater halls.these are typically the largest floors we do excluding gymnasium, and sports centres. these floors are quite specialised generally due to timer used.

Example of a church hall wooden floor below being put to good use at a wedding. This means the church will need a good solid floor varnish that will stand the test of time and those shoes!!

Church Hall Wooden floor

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